Date Posted
January 25, 2023
Part Time
Life Enrichment/Activity Director

Job Details

24 hours per week, MWF




Employment standards for this facility are consistent with EEOC for all people applying for or holding this position.


High School Diploma or Equivalent

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain accurate lists of emergency telephone numbers, reference telephone numbers, personnel telephone numbers, and medical staff telephone numbers.


  1. Operate the facility telephone system, answer calls, route calls appropriately, and operate the facility paging system.
  1. Answer all inquiries according to facility release of information policies and procedures.
  1. Handle all correspondence assigned.
  1. Attend, take minutes, and keep records of all facility CQI, Safety, and In-Service meetings.
  1. Maintain an accurate resident census by resident name and room number.
  1. Handle invoices received by the facility and send with appropriate documentation in a timely manner to the Healthcare of Iowa office.
  1. Follow the proper procedure that has been developed for tracking Worker’s Compensation situation ensuring that the documentation and follow-up are complete.
  1. Work with the Administrator in maintaining payroll information, updates, and transmission to the Healthcare of Iowa office.
  1. Interact with residents or residents’ representatives and direct them to appropriate individuals.
  1. Present Residents Rights and Advanced Directives information to residents and/or responsible parties.
  1. Work with facility Administrator and Director of Nursing in coordinating and completing all admissions and ensuring that all agreements and necessary documents are signed by the resident and/or responsible person.
  1. Always present an appropriate professional appearance.
  1. Work confidentially and cooperatively with all facility department supervisors and administration.
  1. Communicate and work cooperatively with facility staff.
  1. Maintain the confidentiality of all facility matters especially as they relate to employees’, residents’, and financial information.
  1. Observe all facility safety policies and procedures including working responsibly to ensure personal safety.
  1. Comply with established facility infection control and universal precaution procedures.
  1. Accept and perform additional duties as assigned by the Administrator in a cooperative manner.
  1. Assume accountability for information contained in the Employees Personnel Handbook and all Policy and Procedure Manuals. 
  1. Follow fire and disaster procedures during a drill and actual occurrence.
  1. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and responsibility.
  1. Comprehend and follow all OSHA, State, and Federal policies and regulations.
  1. Understand, support, and effectively communicate facility philosophy, standards, and policies to all staff, residents, families, and community.
  1. Understand and monitor personnel files (including medical, personal, arid legal) and maintain absolute confidence.

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