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March 21, 2023
Full Time

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Director of Nursing


Employment standards for this facility are consistent with EEOC for all people applying for or holding this position.


Graduate of an accredited Registered Nurse program. Licensure/Certification in the state of Iowa required.

Essential Functions:

l.     Follow established standards of nursing practice and implement facility policies and procedures.

  1. Interpret existing policies and procedures to Resident Care Technicians, residents, families and physicians.
  1. Supervise and evaluate all direct resident care and initiate corrective action as necessary.
  1. Receive report from the nurse you are relieving and record sufficient information to implement follow-up action as necessary.
  1. Provide report to nurse coming on duty, including sufficient information for follow-up action if necessary.
  1. Conduct resident rounds daily, reporting problems to the charge nurse or Director of Nursing, if necessary, and initiate corrective action.
  1. Identify resident problems, emergency situations and respond appropriately within the Quality of LifePolicies of Healthcare of Iowa.
  1. Identify safety hazards and take appropriate action.
  1. Follow, supervise, and evaluate the implementation of the Resident's Rights Program.
  1. Provide clinical supervision of Resident Care Technicians giving direct resident care.
  1. Attend staff meetings, in-service programs, and committee meetings as assigned.
  1. Follow staffing guidelines and make nursing assignments according to qualifications of staff and characteristics of the resident population.
  1. Comprehend and follow all OSHA, State, and Federal policies and regulations.
  1. Counsel Resident Care Technicians and recommend disciplinary action, when necessary, to the Director of Nursing.
  1. Participate in the employee evaluation process by providing information on the clinical performance of Resident Care Technicians to the Director of Nursing.
  1. Administer and document medications, tube feedings, and treatments per physician orders.
  1. Perform and document comprehensive assessments of each resident.
  1. Actively and effectively pursue a program of medication reduction and monitor the programs progress. Work with all nursing staff to accomplish and maintain this goal.
  1. Document resident care response, and/or lack of response to care.
  1. Report changes in resident's condition to his/her physician, responsible party, Director of Nursing, and/or the Administrator.
  1. Follow facility admission procedures and communicate resident's admission to other departments, physicians, and ancillary services.
  1. Knowledgeably and competently perform basic nursing skills.
  1. Follow facility discharge and transfer procedures. Coordinate discharge and transfers with other departments, physicians, and ancillary services providers.
  1. Complete documentation related to the resident's discharge or transfer.
  1. Assess resident needs and initiate the development of individualized care plans.
  1. Participate in resident care conferences as assigned.
  1. Provide direct resident care and give ongoing instructions to RCT's related to resident care.
  1. Listen to residents, families, and/or physician concerns and initiate corrective action and/or report concerns to appropriate supervisory staff.
  1. Work with RCT's in making timely rounds, changing linens, turning and positioning all residents as necessary to ensure good body alignment and skin protection.
  1. Monitor and report, when necessary, resident weight changes, skin conditions, abnormal lab and x-ray results, medication errors, medications not available, and other pertinent information affecting the well-being of residents to physicians, responsible parties, and the Director of Nursing.
  1. Order medications, count, and record controlled substances. Notify the Director of Nursing to any discrepancies immediately, according to facility policy.
  1. Document daily, weekly, and monthly progress notes as assigned.
  1. Consistently work cooperatively with facility administration, nursing personnel, ancillary personnel, all facility departments, and consultants.
  1. Comply with established infection control and universal precaution practices. Follow facility Fire Safety and Disaster policies and procedures and monitor facility staff for the same.
  1. Observe all facility safety policies and procedures including working responsibly to ensure personal safety.
  1. Come to work in a clean, neat uniform, and consistently present an appropriate professional appearance.
  1. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and responsibility.
  1. Assume accountability for all information contained in the Employee Personnel Handbook and all Policy and Procedure Manuals.
  1. Act as the facility Social Worker Designee in the absence of the appointed Social Worker.
  1. May be asked to participate in the facility education programs and coordinate student activities with the Director of Nursing.
  1. Complete reports for facility committees as assigned.
  1. Accept and perform additional duties as assigned by your department head or Administrator in a cooperative manner.
  1. The physical activities of this position jnvolve crouching, fingering, grasping, kneeling, lifting, pulling, pushing, reaching, standing, and stopping.
  1. An individual in this position will be required to carry or lift weights of 75 to 100 pounds and sometimes more with assistance. An individual in this position will be expected to use, assist and demonstrate devices for handling or lifting residents.
  1. The sensory and communicate activities essential to the performance of this position include: ruling, hearing, seeing, smelling, speaking, reading, and writing.
  1. An individual in this position may be exposed to: inside·environmental conditions, and physical, chemical, or respiratory hazards.
  1. An individual in this position may be exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens.

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