Happy New Year everyone! We had a lot going on and a lot of fun in December. And we are going to keep it up in Janurary with some fun activities, music, exercise for the body and the mind, chair yoga, crafting, games, arm chair travel, manicures, massage, and more. This month we are having a “How Many Miles Marathon” and a word find contest! At the end of the month we will see how many miles were walked and how many words were found! 😊

I want to thank all the Christmas Carolers and the High Schools, Elkader Central HS and the MFL/Mar-Mac HS Show Choirs for coming to perform for us. What wonderful and talented young ladies and gentalmen!  Everyone enjoyed your performances so much! Thank you again!

And thank you to our wonderful voluteers who come to help with games, one on one visits, reading, music, and more. Thank you all so much! 😊


Many Blessings, Julie