Long ago I heard an old wise tale about snow falls. When the first snowfall occurs, you should remember the date. The number of the date tells how many snow falls we will have this winter. This year the first snow fell on October 28th and it has snowed six times thus far. According to the wise tale we have twenty-two more snow falls left. I encourage you to ask an elderly person or your loved one if they ever heard of that. 

Christmas is right around the corner and we wanted to encourage families to decorate your loved one’s room with a Christmas tree, lights on their windows, or a special door decoration. A friendly reminder while decorating their room to plug items directly into outlets. Fire code at the Care Center does not allow the use of extension cords. When thinking of gifts, please remember to mark clothing. If you are unable to please give the clothing item to a friendly laundry staff member to mark them for you.

Have a very blessed holiday season from your housekeeping and laundry staff members!

JoAnn Crary, Environmental Supervisor